Covenant Capital Cottage Training

The Covenant Capital under its Cottage Industry Training is inviting Volunteer Trainers who are willing to train vocational skills for free to apply for the 2023 training Programs.


Programs & Dates

Module 1

Baking and Confectioneries; Catering and Event Management.

Module 2

Hair Stylist; Make-up Artistry; Tailoring and Fashion Design

Module 3

Events Decoration and Planning; Interior Decoration.


Relevant Knowledge

The program will help people to become well trained and empowered in areas where they can help contribute to the economy.

Program Terms and Conditions

General Rules and Regulations

By filling the under-listed questionnaire, I accept to partake in the training, and am obligated abide by the following laid down rules and regulations:
    The Trainer is not expected to demand any payments of any kinds during the sessions from any participant.
    If at any time a trainer can no longer continue with the sessions, the Covenant Capital team will be duly informed.
    If there are any concerns about the methods, style or any behavior exhibited by any of the participants that makes the trainer uncomfortable, the Covenant Capital team will be informed immediately.
    The trainer will develop a training plan including the timing of different training Sessions.
    The trainer will choose relevant training methods.
    The Trainer will prepare training materials and aids.
    The Trainer will conduct training sessions and evaluate the post training session.
    The trainer will communicate and present the training as practical as possible throughout training session.
    The Trainer will organize and present activities that will reinforce the learning process.
    The Trainer will check if learning has taken place.
    The Trainer will advise the participants and the Covenant capital team at least 24 hours in advance, if any sessions wouldn't hold.
    The Trainer will Inform the participants of all clothing or dress code expected of them for the training before and during the training e.g. Apparels, overalls, glove, etc. as may be applicable, if any.

Volunteer Trainers.

Volunteer trainers will help train people who want to be trained in any listed vocational area. Kindly fill the form to register as a volunteer trainer for the program.